What's NOT on your Netflix ?

There's different version of Netflix  content for the US and for UK and for India etc. Use this app to easily find exclusive movies and tv shows that are streaming in regions other than your country.

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Netflix missing guide

Key Features

✔️ Select your region: On home page click the flag icon to select your region. The content library refreshes and shows the Netflix titles missing in your region.

✔️ Streaming details: Clicking on any title opens a page that shows the list of countries where it is streaming on Netflix.

✔️ Watchlist: Add any title to your watchlist by clicking on bookmark icon. Watchlist tab lists all the titles you bookmarked.

✔️ Filter: Filter the results by clicking the funnel icon on Home page. Filter titles by Language, Type (TV Show or Movie), Rating, Genre, Year.

✔️ Sort: Sort the results on Home page to discover more content.


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Apr 15, 2020
When you visit our mobile application, and use our services, we take your privacy very seriously.

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