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All the content and imagery are promotional material and is available via open database, themoviedb.org. We use rapidapi.com and/or themoviedb.org provided APIs to fetch this content. RapidAPI and/or themoviedb.org grants us a non-exclusive license to access and use this content.  


We also fall under the category of following apps who uses the imagery and content from open movie databases.  

  • Plex 

  • JustWatch 

  • Onflix 

  • Upflix 

  • Cineast 

  • Cinematics 

  • Infuse 

  • SeriesGuide 

  • TodoMovies 


Privacy Policy

What information do we collect ?

We do NOT collect any user data when you use our app.

Do we use tracking technologies ?

No we don't use tracking technologies and this app don't need your location to work.

Do we use cookies ?

No we don't use cookies. The app uses app uses HTML Web Storage API to store your WatchList and other country information. This information is NOT sent back to us.

Do we collect information if you click on affiliate links ?

We wanted to give example of services that you can use to watch the content not available in your country. We are not affiliated to the services and don't collect any information.